About Us

Clockwise from top left:
Bart Brooks, Katie FitzGerald,
Robert Boismier, Amy Tetreault.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the "About Us" page, we decided to have some fun with mad libs. We each came up with a noun, verb and adjective, scrambled the pile, and came up with some eerily accurate statements about ourselves:

Robert is an ocean who likes to correct spelling errors and is very eccentric.

Bart is a bamboo who likes to dance and is very mint-scented.

Amy is a ginger-headed sailor who likes to fashion objects and is very jolly.

Katie is a clown who likes to farm platypuses and is very enticing.

Now we've got that out of the way...

Robert Boismier grew up in Houston, Texas, in the city itself. While he grew up in Houston and currently resides in Boston, one of his favorite football teams is the Seattle Seahawks.

When he was in high school, he first got interested in the publication field when he worked on the yearbook staff for three years. At Walla Walla College, he would eventually become editor in chief of the campus newspaper.

Now his goal is to become the head of corporate communications for a scientific firm.

He wants to “explain doctors’ and scientists’ discoveries to people.”

Bart Brooks, 24, hopes to visit every country in the world by the time he's 90 years old. Besides his ambitious travel plans, Brooks also hopes to be a wealthy family man with a published book under his belt.

With the fundamental skills and basic reporting techniques he learned while attending the graduate program at Emerson College, Brooks will certainly be ready to begin his career. Even before Emerson he already had some journalistic experience under his belt. Brooks was a movie critic for a large paper in New Jersey and also held a degree from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania.

Brooks grew up on the Jersey shore, but loves the city life of Boston. And The Beatles.

Amy Tetreault may only be 23 years old, but she is not a novice writer.  The Pepperell, Mass. resident started her journalism career as a high-school student writing for her school newspaper.  As an undergraduate student at St. Joseph's College of Maine, Tetreault became the editor of the college's newspaper.  After that she did an internship at The Portland Phoenix and various local newspapers.

Today, the young, ambitious journalist is preparing to graduate with a master's degree in journalism from Emerson College.  She says that Emerson helped her enhance her writing skills and taught her how chaotic journalism can be.

When she is 90 years old she says she wants to look back and say she enjoyed her time.

Katie FitzGerald, a 25-year-old from Sterling, Mass., comes to Emerson from Framingham State College where she earned a communications degree.

FitzGerald has plenty of experience in the field, having completed five internships, including at WCCA in Worcester, Mass. She said that to be a good journalist, "it takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication. And patience."

She says that when she is 90, she wants to have used a media outlet to enrich people's lives. And more personally, she wants that "each person to be a better person for knowing me."

Miles traveled on the Commuter Rail:
We don't do math, which is why we became writers.

Gallons of coffee consumed:

Gallons of civilised beverages (aka tea) consumed: 143

Tears shed:
6,547 (approximate figure - may not be accurate)

Sheets of paper crumpled and thrown out in frustration:
None (we're very eco-savvy)

Number of times Janet Kolodzy reassured us we were not doomed to fail and become hobos:
Too many