"It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!"

Do-Wap, Do-Wap, Do-Wap

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For Alan Cormier and Luan Morrison, a swing dance couple, the lyrics “It don’t mean a thing if ain’t got that swing” are ones they live by. 

In 2002, the couple started Dance2Swing a Leominster, Mass.-based company that offers swing lessons and hosts swing dancing events.  “Dance2Swing came to be because there wasn’t anything like this in the area, said Morrison. "The closest thing (swing dancing) was in Cambridge.”

Now, the couple hosts swing dancing events every Sunday night.  The admission to events is usually $12 and includes a swing dance lesson and live music from nationally recognized swing bands. “The music is incredible," Cormier said.  "We’re bringing bands from Boston, New York, 21-piece-bands right to this area.  You don’t have to go to the big city; the big city culture is coming to you.” This big-city culture was just what 26-year-old Amy Walker was looking for. “I had seen it advertised.  I live in Leominster, and I was looking for something to do, and I came out one night and tried it and I loved it," Walker said. "It made me smile.  It’s just fun.”

So what if you’re not a lindy-hopping Frankie Manning and you can’t tell your right foot from your left foot?  Don’t worry about it.  During the lesson, Cormier and Morrison teach you the steps slowly and you rotate partners in a circle so you are always picking up tips from other dancers. “Everyone dances with everyone and no one is judgmental," Walker said. "I came here as a beginner and everyone is open to helping you.”

 Christina Labrousse. seconds that sentiment, "This supportive approach seems to promote a healthy, positive atmosphere," she said. “It’s not like drunk people at a bar hitting on you, it’s just about having fun,” Labrousse added.  Morrison agreed, noting that “It’s a much different social scene than at a club.  There isn’t that much bantering back and forth to get together with someone.  People are really just here to socialize and make friends,” she said.

 Admittedly, the crowd on this particular night seemed mostly middle-aged, but regardless of age or nationality everyone seemed to be having a good time Jitterbugging, Lindy Hopping and doing the Charleston across the dance floor. “It’s really good for people to relate to each other," Cormier said. "So, sometimes old people will dance with young people, Black people dance with white people, good dancers dance with bad dancers so, it’s always a good exchange."     

 Do-Wap, Do-Wap, Do-Wap, Do-Wap, Do-Wap, Do-Wap!








Name of Place:

Site founded:

Permanent Address: 134 N. Main St, Leominster, Mass. (click for directions)

Temporary Address: 456 Litchfield St, Leominster, Mass.(click for directions)

Note: They will be meeting at this temporary address until early 2008.  Please check their website for address updates.

Hours: Sunday nights @ 6 P.M. –beginner lesson; 7 P.M. – swing dance

$12 includes a free dance lesson and live band to dance to – Prices may be slightly higher depending on event

City Founded:

City Population:
41,303 (2000)

Commuter Rail Stop:
North Leominster, Fitchburg/South Acton Line

Departs from:
North Station




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