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The CDC’s affordable housing solution
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As part of the solution to the housing crunch, the organization is involved in the development and management of 370 housing units in Allston-Brighton. These units are managed by Maloney Properties, said John Woods, director of housing development at the Allston Brighton CDC.

Left: Existing view of 81 Hano St. Right: The proposed view of 81 Hano St.

Another project that began a year and a half ago is the construction of 50 subsidized rental units and 10 townhouses on 33 Everett St. and 81 Hano St., converting the space where the old Legal Seafood Factory resided into an improved area for families to raise their children, Woods said.

The rents will be affordable to families making 60 percent of the median income with the assumption that families will pay no more than 30 percent of their gross monthly income on rent, he said.

A family of four, for example, could not have an income of more than $48,480 to qualify. Average rents are expected to be $792 for a one-bedroom, $950 for a two-bedroom and $1,092 for a three-bedroom apartment, Woods said.

The CDC plans to build 10 townhouses on 81 Hano St. and placed on the market for $150,000 to $180,000, Woods said. The townhouses will contain separate entrances, basements and a front yard. Parking will be available for all residents.


Left: The old Legal Seafood factory which was demolished for the newhousin development. Right: The proposed view from 33 Everett St.

The CDC expects to complete the housing development around April 2005, Woods said.

Along with the Hano and Everett Street developments, the Allston Brighton CDC owns and operates units on Ashford Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Carol Avenue, Glenville Avenue and Hano Street.

Housing developments are only a part of the way the Allston Brighton CDC has been working to improve the housing situation.

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