Allston / Brighton

By Adrienne Lamplough

Rising rents are pushing families out

Boston's blue collar workers, its immigrant families and students – lots of them – all compete for apartments in busy, friendly and diverse Allston-Brighton, a neighborhood that has long been known as one of Boston's most affordable neighborhoods.

With the rising rents and the continuous increase of students, more and more residents are finding themselves priced out and looking elsewhere for a place to live.

Average rents for a one-bedroom climbed from $620 to $920 between the 1990 and 2000 according to the Census Bureau, and today even $1,000 a month is likely to land a prospective tenant in a mouse-infested dump – if anywhere. Realtors say the average rent of a one-bedroom is closer to $1,200.

Rising rents throughout the city and the ever-present influx of students with more ready cash than working families both compound the problem. For Allston-Brighton residents who don't know where to turn for more affordable housing, the crunch can be both palpable and frightening.

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Story 3
Non-profit organization helps families stay in Allston-Brighton.

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