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McCaffrey will close the doors on Memorial Day but he will move his business online. He is in the midst of trying to sell his remaining stock of books for 50 percent off and has plans to further increase sales as the last days of his store approach. He will move as many left over books that he can fit into his apartment. The rest will be moved to a warehouse but can be purchased at

Each aisle and bookshelf was hand crafted by Vincent McCaffery and his brother.

After 29 years of selling books and pouring his heart into the Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop, Vincent McCaffrey remains a fan of popular literature. His mission was never to appease the literary critic. He tried to provide fans of literature and the residents of Back Bay with books he thought the public would enjoy reading.

“What can you say about the closing of a bookstore like this? It’s not like the closing of a Waterstone’s or a Barnes and Noble. This was a pretty valuable institution,” said Birnbaum. “It’s like losing an old tree in a neighborhood. A big gap is created.”

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