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A Quote from Vincent McCaffrey
-page 5 Albright-

Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop deals in used, rare and out-of-print books.

“We love popular literature. I don’t sell James Joyce. I sell Nevil Shute. Joyce is a great author and everybody sells him, but most of Neville Shute is out of print. The difference with the academic crowd is that to them Nevil Shute is not a great author. The importance to the reading public is that Nevil is a great author; he just was never recognized by the academic powers that be. The public will read Nevil when they discover him, and he was the best selling author of his time. They will keep reading because he is so enjoyable. Whereas, most people give up on Joyce after the first book and never read him again. It’s a whole different world.” -Vincent McCaffrey-


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Back Bay’s changing storefronts

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Back Bay loses a treasured bookstore


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