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A Community for tourists?
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The only community that some residents feel is left in Back Bay is built for tourists, shoppers and young urban professionals.

“ The population has so changed that a lot of them are transient. It used to be students that were transient, now it is young urban professionals that are transient,” said Kressel. “Nobody comes to the city with children, so they’re not coming to stay, they’re only staying until they transfer to the office in Atlanta.”

Newbury Street in the spring is bustling with tourists and shoppers

More and more tourists will be lured to the Back Bay with the opening of the Mandarin Oriental and Jurys Hotel. The Mandarin Oriental plans to have a mixed use building that will include both a hotel and luxury condos costing upwards of $2 million to buy. The cost of the two projects will eventually cost developers upwards of $300 million.

These luxury condos will help further gentrify Back Bay, an area that most people already associate with wealth and affluence. In 1998, the median household income for Back Bay and Beacon Hill was $65,509, while the Boston average was $39,987. This gap is magnified when you look at white residents only, who make up 85 percent of this population. Then the average income is closer to $75,500.

“ People don’t think about the Back Bay being gentrified,” Kressel said. “But it is, it has been, because when I moved here just 10 years ago, there was a lot more variety in the people that lived here and that could afford to live here.”


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