An example of the club’s success
By Mike Barresi

Sitting at the front desk greeting visitors, answering phones and talking with some of the young members, Russell Groggett is a prime example of the Boys & Girls Club’s success.

Groggett, 23, is a former club member who is now the membership director for the Charlestown Club. He teaches people within the club how to use the new computer system and he’s also in charge of training the membership directors from the four other Boston-based clubs.

When Groggett was young, the club gave him a place to go after school to stay off of the tough streets of Charlestown, where drugs and crime still thrive. Inside, Groggett took part in many activities other than athletics. And now he gives back to the young kids at the club the same support and encouragement the club gave him while he was growing up.

At times he’ll reach into his own pocket and pay the membership fee of an aspiring member.

The yearly membership fee has increased to $25 from the $5 it used to be, due to the renovations, Groggett said. This sharp increase in price has made it more difficult for some of the members to pay, but Groggett and the staff usually help members who can’t afford the fee. “I’ve paid for kids to go here myself,” Groggett said. This is another way for the life-long Charlestown resident to give back to community he values so much.

Groggett said he got his job partly because he has seniority over other employees of the Charlestown club, but also because he is a child of the technology age. “I’ve just grown up with it [technology].” Ten years from now, current Charlestown club members may be able to say the same thing because of the effort and support Groggett and the rest of the staff have instilled in the club.

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