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Boston - City in Transition -| Copyright © 2004. All Rights Reserved.

In Boston, as in other cities, change has its costs.

For working class residents in Allston/ Brighton and the owner of a Back Bay bookstore, those costs can mean being priced out of the neighborhood. For residents of Boston’s old West End and South End jazz lovers, the old neighborhood no longer exist. And for senior citizens in West Roxbury homes, change means higher taxes and home repair costs, even as they struggle on a fixed income.

But change can bring progress and, with it, hope. For residents and businesses in Jamaica Plain, progress can be measured in the colorful murals that have helped fight off the graffiti artists and drug dealers. For Hispanic immigrants in East Boston it comes with the halting words of a new language: English. For those in the North End, who’ve endured a decade of hammering, it soon will be seen in blooming flowers where trucks once rattled.
The reporters for this project set out to measure change in Boston's neighborhoods. This is their story of a City in Transition.