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North End Park: Two ideas, one design
By Sofia Celeste

Final Obstacles

Kaki Martin, planting designer for the Central Artery Advisory Committee, discusses planting options at the April 20th Central Artery Advisory Committee meeting at the Nazarro Center in the North End.

For now, perhaps the most daunting obstacle the planning committee has yet to tackle, according to Kaki Martin, planting designer, is figuring out what plants will survive Boston’s brutal winter.

“We are mired in plant research,” she said. “Tracking blooming seasons and year-round flowers are one of our primary concerns.”

Though the planting committee hasn’t made any final decisions yet, they haven’t received any opposition to the floral-shaded trellises and flower gardens already planned.

Although details of the park’s design are still being discussed, one thing has been settled. The North End’s new gateway is in the works. Those longing for a symbol of the North End’s Italian heritage won’t get the “piazza” envisioned by DiGangi—where people could park their Vespas and sip cappuccino. But green grass soon will replace the green steel and smog of years of construction.

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