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North End Park: Two ideas, one design
By Sofia Celeste

Piazza vs. Park

The cover of Vincent DiGangi’s January edition of Boston’s North End, illustrated a piazza as a possibility in lieu of a park.

But as the date of demolition approached, other plans emerged, some of which were pushed by various segments of the community. The most vigorous was that of North End businessman Vincent DiGangi, who envisioned a piazza complete with cafés, a parking lot, a fountain and a “Bay State Memorial to Immigrants.”

DiGangi, the owner and publisher of Boston’s North End magazine, supports an organization known as Friends of the Piazza. Comprised of local restaurateurs and contractors, the group has been advocating a replica of Rome’s Piazza Navona in lieu of a park. In his magazine, DiGangi stressed the importance of “showcasing things Italian.”

“A Piazza for Boston will be the crowning achievement of the Commonwealth and an international tourist attraction,” he wrote.

But despite DiGangi’s campaign, the park plan prevailed.

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