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North End Park: Two ideas, one design
By Sofia Celeste


Left. An old model of the North End park shows plans, such as a retractable “skating porch,” that was frowned on by North End residents.

Above. The latest model of the North End park shows more open green space.

A model of the park, expected to cost $8 million by the time it opens in May 2006, has been designed by Gustafsen Partners of Seattle and the Wallace Floyd Design Group of Boston.

The initial design was met with criticism.

North End native Terry Mazzulli, for example, said the design of the trellises looked “very Japanese,” making the park seem like a “pagoda.”

The committee reworked these features and on April 21 unveiled plans for a park with more Italian-inspired accents. The plans now incorporate both modern and classical Italian design.

The most current rendition of the park promises 16th century-inspired Italian rose gardens like those of Villa Este in Tivoli and Villa Giulia in Rome and multi-colored masonry modeled after the work of late-20th century Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, who is widely known for his designs incorporating raw materials.


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