by Dimitrios Angelidis

and Debra Filcman

In Coolidge Corner's world of business, one size doesn't fit all

The rent is increasing and business has been slowing down in Coolidge Corner, Brookline's most important business district. Some mom-and-pops have been leaving the area because they cannot survive the competition. Local residents are afraid that if the trend continues, Coolidge Corner will eventually lose its unique identity. CONTINUE

Family tiffs threaten longtime businesses in Brookline

The term "mom-and-pop shop" is often uttered on the streets of Brookline with equal parts nostalgia for the past and resentment at the national chains now replacing the old haunts. Like the rest of the country, this preservationist town is in the throws of some tough economic times in which the little guy is often the first to go. The small, independently owned shops are beginning to be left by the wayside, while large chains and corporations take over. But the town won't give up without a fight. Some of Brookline's most prominent citizens are looking for ways to ensure that Brookline preserves its long-earned, unique identity. CONTINUE



-Brookline's Economic Development Office

- Brookline Chamber of Commerce

- LiveableCity.org

- Holt

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